Pen 2 Mic

Pen 2 Mic will see you write a brand new poem and perform it in just 2 hours. Focusing on places and locations that mean something special to you, you’ll create a new work and learn some vital performance tips before taking to the mic. The aim is to build up your confidence and experience in performing and reading your own work whether at a small-scale poetry open mic night or on a bigger stage. At the end of the session, you’ll have performed a new work in public and learnt some useful tools and tips for the future.

We can extend Pen 2 Mic up to a full day to include additional one-to-one feedback sessions on your writing, self-presentation, voice projection, warm-up tricks of the trade and much more. Pen 2 Mic can take place anywhere from the school to the workplace and is a fun way to extend your skills and develop your confidence. Prices range accordingly, please contact us for more details.

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